Our graveyard began with the founding of Fredericksburg in 1728 when lots were designated for a graveyard. The site would also include St. George’s Church and to the north land for a market and government.

St. George’s is the oldest graveyard in the town with 116 numbered graves, most of them are from the first half of the 19th century. The Vestry closed the graveyard in the early 1930’s since it was considered full but in 2008, the church began to bury cremains on the north side opposite Faulkner Hall when a plans for a memorial garden fell through.

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Unknown - rock marker

John Jones

Mrs. Winefrid Ritchardson

Mr. George Richardson & dau. Nancy

Miss Lucy Chew

Archibald McPherson

Reuben & Eleanor Reat Thom

Catherine Thom

Mary Thom

Sam Duffel

Mrs. Ann Chew

Mrs. Elizabeth Young

William Paul

Mrs. Mary Duncanson

James Duncanson

Unknown - rock marker,

Catherine  Taliaferro

Thomas Ware

Thomas R. Ware

James Ware

Anthony & Virginia Patton

Mary Coakley

John Coakley

Mrs. Elizabeth Coakley

Catherine Coakley

John Coakley


Margaret Garts

Joseph H. Downman


Parke G. Hillyard

Elizabeth Lucas

Unknown - rock marker, no headstone

Unknown - rock marker, no headstone

Casper W. Goodwin

John B. Pearson

Unknown - rock marker


William Lewis & son George & daughter Ann

James Baggott

Elizabeth Edmundson Carter

Felix H. Taliaferro

Elizabeth Carter

Eleanor Benson

Michael Jackson

John G. & Frances A. Hull

Sarah Hill

Mary Allen

John H. Goodwin

Thomas Goodwin

Mary Goodwin

Thomas Goodwin

Ann Maria Goodwin

William Smith

Mrs. Mary Smith

William Smith, Jr.

Mary C. Harrison

Mrs. Catherine Simons

Elizabeth Goodwin

Catherine Rose Hart

John Whitfield

Walter Spilman

William &William Garrett Pearson

Mrs. Emily Cooke

Benjamin Boughton

John Patterson

John S. Berry

Lawrence & Anne M. Berry and children

Carter Beverly

Philip J. Helmstatter

Mrs. Elizabeth Lyon

Edward Seth Barton

Unknown - sandstone/slate face flaked off

Unknown - rock marker, no headstone

Charles Colson

Elizabeth Sommerville Knox

Mrs. Maria Ann Blakey

Elizabeth M. & Eliza Cox

William & Ann Turner Allen

Unknown - rock marker, no headstone

Seth Barton

Samuel L. Duffel

Unknown - rock marker, no headstone

Mrs. M.J. Chewning Clark Carlin

Larkin Johnston

St. George Tucker Coalter

Judge John Coalter

Mrs. Mary Hildroop

Unknown - illegible

James W. Lucas

Hiram Pilcher

Frederick Pilcher

Louisiana Johnston Rothrock & Fayetta

Jane W. & Ann Thompson Johnston

Jeannie J. Rothrock

Unknown - flat table, broken, illegible

Unknown - rock marker, no headstone

Mrs. Margaret Pilcher

R.W. Ball

Alexander Rose

Mrs. Catherine Maury

George W. Rothrock

Mrs. Anna Taylor Mason

A.T.M., broken

John T. Ford

Unknown - sandstone face flaked off

Margaret Hitz

S.W. Fry

Henry Garrett White

John F. McGuire

Rev. Edward & J.C. Lewis McGuire

Mrs. Ann Robey

James E. Marshall

Col. John Dandridge

Chester Bailey

William Ashby